Armorize 2009 Enterprise Software and Services Asia

Armorize Technologies delivers end-to-end security solutions safeguarding enterprises from hackers seeking to exploit vulnerable web applications.
CEO Wayne Huang
Blaast OY 2010 Internet and Consumer Services Europe

Blaast Oy is a company located in Helsinki which is developing a cloud-based platform for mobile devices. The platform developed by the company will be officially launched in summer 2011, and will significantly change the features and applications of mobile devices. At the moment, the company is actively developing the platform and is looking for qualified developers to join their team.

CEO Markku Mäkeläinen

ASI Margus Uudam 2007 Internet and Consumer Services USA is the world’s leading next-generation television network, promoting, distributing and monetizing the best indie shows on the Internet.
CEO  Kelly Day
ASI Margus Uudam
Celecure 2007 Healthcare and Life Sciences Europe

Celecure is in the preclinical testing phase of an angiogenesis inhibitor that blocks the development of new blood vessels, slowing the growth of cancer tumors.
CEO Tarmo Kivi
Clifton 2006 Semiconductors and Components Europe

Clifton's gallium arsenide power diodes mean smaller heatsinks and devices thanks to a compound that tolerates higher temperatures than silicon does.

ASI Ahti Heinla
DailyPerfect 2008 Enterprise Software and Services Europe

ASI Incubator company developing personalized content recommendation technology that will change the way you browse the web.
CEO Louis Kanganis
ASI Margus Uudam
Drimki 2008 Internet and Consumer Services Europe

Drimki is bringing greater access and transparency to the Paris real estate market. Being able to indicate interest in a property before it’s up for sale is uncovering true market demand. 
 CEO Thomas Laurentin

ASI Kristjan Laanemaa
Ecofleet 2006 Hardware and Systems Europe
Ecofleet provides fleet management solutions that enable to remotely manage and track cars, trucks, boats, industrial devices and other moving objects. 
CEO Stephen Doran

ASI Margus Uudam
EGeen 2008 Healthcare and Life Sciences USA

EGeen conducts clinical tests for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies around the world.
CEO Kalev Kask
ASI Kristjan Laanemaa
Eleutian 2006 Internet and Consumer Services Asia

Initially ASI made an investment into Idapted - a company developing an online language learning platform. In 2011 Idapted merged with Eleutian and ASI is now a shareholder in the latter. 
CEO Kent Holiday

ASI Kristjan Laanemaa
Evikon 2006 Hardware and Systems Europe

Evikon MCI develops and manufactures sensor-based electronic instruments that measure and control gas temperature, pressure and concentration. 
CEO Madis Einasto

Flowplay 2007 Internet and Consumer Services USA

Flowplay aggregates the best online casual games into a virtual world community. Consumers play simple, fun games to earn currency, clothing, pets, furniture and more. CEO Derrick Morton
ASI Margus Uudam
Frenzoo 2007 Internet and Consumer Services Asia

Frenzoo is developing a creative and social 3D world for creating your own fashion and animations.  
CEO Simon Newstead

ASI Kristjan Laanemaa
Guardtime 2006 Enterprise Software and Services Europe

GuardTime's founders invented an algorithm which mathematically proves the time, origin and integrity of electronic data, by integrating the technology into cloud infrastructure enterprises can adopt cloud computing but still maintain an independent audit trail of all activity. 
CEO Mike Gault

InkSpin1 2008 Internet and Consumer Services Europe

Inkspin1 produces a universal software platform for embedded video calls on Set Top Boxes (STBs), media players and other network connected consumer electronic products. The project has office in Tallinn, Estonia.
CEO Urmet Jänes

ASI Margus Uudam
MoySklad 2008 Enterprise Software and Services Europe

LogneX offers MoySklad, its online inventory management software, to small and medium businesses in Russian-speaking countries. In 2011 ASI sold its share in LogneX to a Russian software company 1C. CEO Askar Rahimberdiev
ASI Kristjan Laanemaa
MarkIT 2006 Enterprise Software and Services Europe

MarkIT is the largest e-purchasing system for IT goods in the Baltics. The company currently operates in 12 European countries.  
CEO Andres Agasild

ASI Margus Uudam
Mendeley 2008 Internet and Consumer Services Europe

Mendeley develops software for managing and sharing research papers as well as a website for discovering research trends and connecting to like-minded academics. Co-Founder Victor Henning. 
Board Member Eileen Broch-Burbridge

ASI Kristjan Laanemaa
Modesat 2006 Networking and Communications Europe

Modesat is developing leading-edge backhaul modem solutions for the next generation communication systems. In 2012 Modesat Communications was acquired by Xilinx Inc.

CEO Tarmo Pihl

ASI Kristjan Laanemaa
MyHeritage 2007 Internet and Consumer Services Europe

ASI invested initially into a UK based company Kindo that later merged with MyHeritage. MyHeritage helps users easily build their family tree, share pictures and stay in touch with they know and love across the world. 
CEO Gilad Japhet

ASI Kristjan Laanemaa
Nordic Sonar 2008 Hardware and Systems Europe

ASI Incubator company developing digital sonars that will make marine navigation easier and safer. CEO Arno Rannaste
ASI Kristjan Laanemaa
Progeniq 2010 Hardware and Systems Asia

Progeniq is a leader in accelerated high performance computing (HPC) solutions for various industries. The company is reinventing the way computing is done by creating small, low-power hardware cards that can be retrofitted into existing servers. As a result, sever farm upgrading can be delayed as performance of existing hardware is increased by up to 5 times.  
CEO  Darran Nathan

Senseg 2008 Hardware and Systems Europe

Senseg's breakthrough touch interface technology for consumer electronic devices can make you feel things that aren't actually there. 
CEO Paul Costigan

ASI Margus Uudam
Versita 2008 Enterprise Software and Services Europe

Versita - a company specializing on online scientific journal publishing - was acquired by a German academic publishing company De Gruyter in 2012.
CEO Jacek Ciesielski

ASI Kristjan Laanemaa
Wahanda 2008 Internet and Consumer Services Europe

Wahanda is revolutionising the way consumers search and book health and beauty treatments by connecting businesses, customers and therapists. 
CEO Lopo Champalimaud
Board Member Margus Uudam

ASI Margus Uudam