09 April 2014

USA listed company NXP along with Ambient Sound Investments invested 6 million USD in the latter's portfolio company Senseg

USA listed company NXP Semiconductors along with ASI, Finnvera Venture Capital and Caplia Invest invested 6 million US dollars in Ambient Sound Investment's (ASI) portfolio company Senseg. The investment will enable Senseg to bring the first high-fidelity haptic solution for smartphones to the market. 

Senseg develops technology for touch screens that allows users to feel various patterns, textures and buttons on the smooth glass surface under their fingertips. The technology is unique in the world and is based on research into brain activity by the founder and chief technology officer of Senseg, Ville Mäkinen.

Margus Uudam, ASI's risk capital investment manager, says that Senseg is the market leader for next generation touch screen solutions, the so-called Feel Screen. "It is a global company that has great potential both on the high-volume smartphone market and subsequently other markets such as portable gaming, navigation and in-vehicle controls," said Uudam to distinguish the portfolio company. 

Senseg is the market leader in next generation touch screen technology and user interface. Senseg was founded in 2006 to pursue medical technology related to human sensory systems, and began its first tests with electrostatic tactile effects that same year. Today, Senseg is fully specialised on developing touch screen technologies. The company is headquartered in Espoo, Finland, and maintains offices in the USA, Japan and China.

Ambient Sound Investment is an investment company founded in 2003 by Estonian co-founding engineers at Skype. ASI has made investments in more than 30 companies in Asia, the United States of America and Europe, and it has successfully sold shares in 8 portfolio companies.


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